What do you need to start playing?

For your first sessions you will only need to be dressed in sweats with suitable football boots. You will need a gum shield.

The club has helmets and shoulder pads for you to borrow.

As you progress a player must have the following equipment to play:

Helmet – Shoulder Pads – Hip & Coccyx Pads Thigh Pads – Knee Pads – Gum Shield

There are special trousers (Pants) to put the leg pads in and you will need a shirt to practice in: Red for Defence and White for Offence.

Purchasing Equipment

Athletes are expected to buy their own lower set, gum shield, boots and training clothing.

Some players like to own their own Helmet and Shoulder Pads. All equipment whether it be owned by the athlete or the club falls under the club policies.

The club does have excellent relationships with most of the suppliers in the UK and can attract some discounts.


Equipment can be ordered via the Team Manager where we pass on any discounts as we agree them with our suppliers. Jackie Houtris. e: Team Manager