Stallions charge to their first victory 54 – 0

On Sunday 12th October 2014 the Wembley Stallions played their first full game of football after 10 months of training.

Hastings Conquerors and the Stallions are in the process of joining the British American Football Association National League and have to complete a series of 3 games to be tested on the ability to host games, safely field a team and to travel to away fixtures. Hastings had previously played 3 games so were slightly ahead in their development.

The Stallions unveiled their new home ground (see the news section) and looked good in their new shirts.

The Conquerors kicked off to the Stallions and the game was underway. On their first ever drive the Stallions drove 50 yards and QB Jay ‘Uncle’ Taylor hooked up with Kenny Bello on a 17 yard TD pass. The extra point kick was made by Krystian Czadowski and the score stood at 7-0 after only 4 minutes.

The Stallions defence were immediately on top, denying the Conquerors chance after chance to make any first downs. The home team added to their lead when Taylor scored a 1 yard QB sneak. In the second half running back Aaron Greenidge scored 2 touchdowns and the half time score stood at 27 – 0.

During the half time break the coaches made changes and set the team the target of keeping in front and not letting their opponents back in the game. A punt return was returned for a TD by Bello and Greenidge scored 3 more touchdowns.

The final score was 54 – 0.

Every member of the team played their part in the win and the rookies in particular made a good account of themselves.

The Stallions now move into their closed season programme with recruitment for the 2015 season with a try out day scheduled for Saturday January 10th 2015.