Women, Youth & Junior

The Stallions Women’s team are returning to training.

Training for the women’s team is Wednesday evening and Saturday morning.

Wednesday 6 – 9 pm

Saturday 9:30 – 1 pm

No experience necessary and apart from boots and a gum shield, all kit is provided.

We are preparing for the Autumn ‘Opal’ Series where teams compete in a flag version of American football.

Women's American Football

The Stallions Women are a newly formed, but already thriving team who train and compete to better themselves as individuals and each other as a unit. At time of writing they are 3-2 in their first season – their last three games being wins!

Competitive Women’s American Football is the fastest growing area within American football in the UK.

The Wembley Stallions are keen to offer American football for women and Head Coach Smart would be happy to hear from anyone wishing to try out the sport.

We currently compete in the Sapphire Series and the Opal Series. The Sapphire Series is the National Championship competition for women’s tackle football. It is run as a series of tournaments from February and culminates in a championship tournament in April/May. The Opal Series is Women’s Flag Football and follows the same format as the Sapphire Series – starting in October and culminating in early December.

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Interested in joining the Stallions family?

Contact Team Manager, Jackie Houtris on 07771 845065 or teammanager@wembleystallions.com

Play Youth Football
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Interested in Youth American Football?

Contact Head Coach, Warren Smart on 07957 424218 or teammanager@wembleystallions.com

Youth American Football

Youth American football is well established in the UK and competitions are held in the disciplines of Contact and Non-Contact (Flag).

The Wembley Stallions presently have a youth / junior team. Bursting with enthusiasm, they enjoy the game, enjoy the cooperation, enjoy excelling and enjoy finding their strengths. They have discovered that being part of this team has helped them with the schoolwork, their social skills, their ability to organise and discipline themselves and their ability to motivate both themselves and each other. The present team members want more of you to join them, so come along and give it a try.

Youth athletes aged between 14-18 train with the senior team and are separated during contact elements.

Remember, newcomers are always welcome!