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The Coaching staff at the Wembley Stallions is a developing group of enthusiastic, talented and dedicated individuals,  Ongoing training and development courses help all coaches further their skills.  The club is always looking for new people to join the staff.

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Head Coach

Warren Smart

Assistant Head Coach

Matt Henderson

Head of Quality Assurance

Paul Foster

Offensive Coordinator

Haidar Lapcha

Offensive Coaches

QB:   Warren Smart
WR:  Andrew Kendall
TE:   Luke Hextall
RB:   Haidar Lapcha
OL:   Jack Johnson

Defensive Coordinator

Mark Lawrence

Defensive Coaches

DB:   Alex Brockhurst
LB:   Mark Lawrence
DL:   Will Downing

Women's Team

Women’s Head Coach
Warren Smart / Andrew Kendall

Women's Team Coaches

Dan Grech

Nick Glenday

Youth / Junior Team

Youth Head Coach
Kenny Blake

Youth Assistant Coaches
Mark Schofield

Kwame Bugembi

Jonny Greenstein

Health and Safety*

Performance Coach

Andrew Kendall

Team Doctor

Mehul Raithatha

Sports Therapists

Keisha Cameron, Vicky Stewart, Vikesh Lad and Genie Brown

Concussion Officer

Dr. Mehul Raithatha

Management and Administration

General Manager

Jackie Smart

Team Admins

Claire West, Courtney Sutton & Dawn Hextall

Team Captain

Danny Hounslow

Vice Captain

Brett Parnham


Aaron Greenidge

Carl James

Rix Ricketts

Coaching & Volunteering for the Stallions

Coaching and staffing at the Stallions is a fun and exciting way to give to your community. The club would like to recruit all manner of people to be involved with the club. The long term plan is for there to be as many as 25 coaches. These can be experienced footballers or newcomers to the sport.

* Health and safety is paramount within the Stallions’ community. As such all of our coaching staff are BAFCA level 1 compliant.

At least 50% of the knowledge required to become BAFCA level 1 compliant is in health and safety. For both the players and coaches we insist that, before being involved in competition, they are aware of the correct techniques and therefore the safest techniques for playing and coaching.

The Wembley Stallions have medical team, and also employ a Concussion Officer who is an expert in concussion and most importantly concussion management.

For more information you can contact Dr. Mehul Raithatha on

It’s all about getting the support team in place. We have a build it and they will come mentality, meaning that we concentrate on getting coaches and staff in place and if people want to play, we have a place for them to come. The list of staff required is long and varied.
~ Warren Smart (Head Coach of the Wembley Stallions) .

The coaches have an education and development process which is supported by BAFCA, the national body of coaching in the UK, USA Football, the American equivalent and Sports Coach UK, the national body of sports coaches.

Volunteers charged with running their own area can help spread the workload and integrate the club further into the community.

Coaches Development

The sport of American Football needs coaches.  At the Stallions we promote coaching development and it really doesn’t matter if you have no experience as a coach or if you have only coached other sports.  Coach Smart manages a development programme and all coaches are members of The British American Football Coaches Association (BAFCA). We also utilise USA Football and CoachUK which are major coaching resources.

Fathers & Sons

Of course, it can be Mothers and Daughters, but you get the idea. Have you been looking for a way to keep that close bond with your child whilst watching them grow and get used to that big world outside? Why not come along and help? There are many ways in which your help can ensure your child grows and develops in a fun, safe and life enhancing environment. Run your own flag team with his friends, volunteer or even learn how to coach.


  • Coaches for Women’s, Youth and Junior teams
  • Film/Video Manager
  • Kit Manager
  • Statistician
  • Merchandising Manager
  • PR Manager
  • Coaching Assistants
  • Game Day Staff
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