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    Under 19s

    Below the senior level, contact football in the UK is split into two age groups – U19s and U16s. 16-18 year-olds are eligible for the u19s league whilst 13-15 year-olds can get involved with an U16s team.  Bursting with enthusiasm, they enjoy the game, enjoy the cooperation, enjoy excelling and enjoy finding their strengths. They have discovered that being part of this team has helped them with the schoolwork, their social skills, their ability to organise and discipline themselves and their ability to motivate both themselves and each other.

    Under 19s Teams for 16-18 year-olds may be either 9v9 or 7v7 depending on the level of competition they are eligible for. The 9v9 teams compete for the National Championship whilst the team who tops the 7v7 competition are awarded the Division 2 title.  Players must be under 19 on 31st of August in the year preceding the playing season, the minimum age is 16.

    The present team members want more of you to join them, so come along and give it a try. Youth athletes aged between 13-18 train with the senior team and are separated during contact elements. Remember, newcomers are always welcome!

    Have a question? Check our FAQ page and if you don’t find it there send us a message!