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The Coaching staff at the Wembley Stallions is a developing group of enthusiastic, talented and dedicated individuals.

Ongoing training and development courses help all coaches further their skills.  The club is always looking for new people to join the staff.

Whether you’re an experienced coach or looking for your first coaching role, we would like to hear from you. For more details or to apply please email teammanager@wembleystallions.com  with the area of interest and a brief description of your coaching experience.

Head Coach

Assistant Head Coach

Matt Henderson

Offensive Coaches

QB:   Warren Smart
WR:  Vacancy
RB:   Joe St Louis
OL:   Matt Malcher and Luke Hextall

Defensive Coaches

DB:   Vacancy
LB:   Matt Henderson
DL:   Albert Case

Women's Team Coaches

Warren Smart

Luke Hextall

Nick Glenday

Youth / Junior Team

Youth Coaches

Mat Clarke

Kenny Blake

Mark Schofield

Management and Administration

General Manager

Jackie Smart   teammanager@wembleystallions.com

Team Admins

Courtney Sutton, Samantha Read & Dawn Hextall

Team Captain

Aaron ‘Green Greenidge

Vice Captain

Brett Parnham

Coaching & Volunteering for the Stallions

Coaching and staffing at the Stallions is a fun and exciting way to give to your community. The club would like to recruit all manner of people to be involved with the club, coaching isn’t the only way to be involved. If you would like to get involved please contact teammanager@wembleystallions.com

* Health and safety is paramount within the Stallions’ community. As such all of our coaching staff are BAFCA level 1 compliant.

The coaches have an education and development process which is supported by BAFCA, the national body of coaching in the UK, USA Football, the American equivalent and Sports Coach UK, the national body of sports coaches.

At least 50% of the knowledge required to become BAFCA level 1 compliant is in health and safety. For both the players and coaches we insist that, before being involved in competition, they are aware of the correct techniques and therefore the safest techniques for playing and coaching.

The Wembley Stallions also have medical team, who are qualified in sports therapy and pitch side first aid


  • Coaches for Women’s, Youth and Junior teams
  • Film/Video Manager
  • Kit Manager
  • Statistician
  • Merchandising Manager
  • PR Manager
  • Coaching Assistants
  • Game Day Staff

contact Coach Smart.