Wembley Stallions were immediately on the back foot after Cambridgeshire Cats scored two touchdowns on their first two drives. Adjustments were made on defensive, but too many penalties on offence prevented sustainable drives. The Cats ended the game as they started with a touchdown to win the game 21-7.


Cambridgeshire moved the ball quickly on their opening drive, with a mixture of runs and passes they were inside the red zone on their fifth snap of the ball. Two plays later a catch was made for a touchdown, there were no mistakes on the extra kick as the home side went straight into the lead at 7-0.

The Stallions suffered a quick three-and-out to put the Cats’ offence back on the field. And again, on their fifth snap of the drive, the home side were in the red zone. There was a moment of excitement for the away fans when Sam Fraser forced a fumble, but the Cats’ offence were quick to recover the ball, keeping the momentum. Cambridgeshire ran in for the touchdown and added the extras to double their lead at 14-0.

The home side’s defence continued to limit Wembley’s offence as time expired in the first quarter. Wembley’s defence started to grow into the game with a sack by Duncan McAslan preventing the Cats from extending the drive. However, a mix up on gathering the punt lead to Cambridgeshire recovering the ball in the red zone. Tackles from Paul Fergus and Chris Middlemas kept the Cats at short gains, followed by holding penalties, sent the home side backwards and prevented a score. On the Cats’ next drive Luke Streeter forced a fumble recovered by Andrew Emerton Court putting the Stallions just outside the red zone. But time expired on the second quarter before the away side could score.

Wembley started the third quarter with the ball, boosted by ending the second with a scoring opportunity, they started to move the ball with runs from Emmanuel Olagaju and Geraldas Kastauna, putting the away side back into the red zone. The drive ended with a pass to Nick Glenday for a touchdown, Glenday added the extras to put the score at 14-7.

Sacks from McAslan and Streeter kept the home side from putting another drive together. Whilst more runs from Kastauna moved the home side to midfield. However, penalties and a sack pushed the Stallions back as time expired on the third. It was an uphill battle as the final quarter started with second down and 38 to go. But a penalty on Cambridgeshire’s defence gave Wembley an automatic first down to extend the drive. Runs from Olagaju got the Stallions back to midfield, followed by passes to Kastauna and Glenday and another penalty on the Cats’ defence put Wembley just outside the red zone. However, the curse of penalties went back to the Stallions and they were prevented a scoring opportunity.

Wembley’s defence stopped the Cats from taking advantage of a shorter field, but the penalty curse remained on the Stallions’ offence giving, Cambridgeshire another shot at a short field. A pass and run found the end zone, the extras were added to seal the game at 21-7.

The Cats remain unbeaten at 5-0 who now travel to unbeaten London Hornets. Whilst the Stallions drop to 2-3 and head to their last away game of the season at Ouse Valley Eagles.